Thursday, August 27, 2009


Blake & Austin Sneak Peek

Okay, if I have ever said that I have done a session that was the easiest...I am lying...or rather that session has been "one-upped" (so not even a word). These boys were the easiest and fastest session I have ever done. Truly a photographers dream scenario. I was able to fill a camera card in less than 45 minutes...with GOOD pictures. After, I go home and sort through them and pick my favorites (24+)...but I had a really hard time because I liked them all! Plus, mom had great ideas and tips...which FYI...helps a ton! Anyways, this session was absolutely a blast and I am super excited to share this sneak peek with you.


He kept folding his arms like this. I thought it was adorable!


B is for....BLAKE!

A is for....AUSTIN!

Thank you for letting me capture a few moments of your coolest, extremely photogenic, and most well-behaved boys ever!

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