Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sean & Kira Wedding Sneak Peek

Okay....yes, I am alive and still here.

Thank you for being patient with me as we bought and moved into our new, that is a LOT of work! Now, it is time to get caught up....

I have done a few sessions for Sean and Kira in preparation for their wedding. What a cute and photogenic couple. My camera {LOVES} them!

I think I want to get married my husband of course!

This is one of my favorites...and it was not posed. I was trying to get bride set up and situated and then looked over and seen groom sitting on a bench smiling up at her...PRICELESS captured moment!

Beautiful eyes!

Thank you, Sean & Kira, for letting me capture a few moments for your wedding day! I wish you the best future possible!

Stay tuned: actual wedding photos to follow...shortly...I hope....lots to little time...ready...set...GO!

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