Sunday, July 25, 2010


Will & Vince {Boise Child Photographer}

i give props to this mom.
shows up and big brother has a scar on his nose,
AND...i know...there's more.
if you look real close.
i mean real close.
you can see a big bump and bruise on his cheek.

i mentioned that i was surprised that she didn't reschedule.
her reply...."that's life, isn't it?"

absolutely. that's life.

i have magical powers.
no more scar on nose!

i am going to have a moment of honesty.
ready for it...?
i get so nervous for shooting kids the age of little brother.
about 18 months.
completely adorable. full of personality.

but...fully mobile and their attention spans... right huh!

but this handsome guy,
full of smiles.

this little guy is a complete miracle and captures your heart from the minute those big brown eyes meet yours.

too precious.

thank you, will and vince, for being such great troopers for me so i could capture a few moments of your cuteness!

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  1. AOlson said... July 26, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    You are so talented. Thank you for wonderful pictures.