Thursday, March 31, 2011


i had the splendid opportunity this last weekend to photograph a baby shower. i had never met lila until that day. after talking with her briefly, it was very clear why this shower was so exciting. the theme was arabian; with a belly dancing demonstration and a henna artist. (no worries if you are as naive as myself. i had to google what it was too).

the henna artist, Mearah, is one of two in the Treasure Valley area. she makes her own paint and once painted on will wash off within about 2-3 weeks. on each guest, she painted a small detailed picture of their choice. most chose to do it on their hands, feet or ankles. and of course, the mom to be just had to do her belly.

super cool and fun, huh! thank you, lila, for allowing me to capture a few moments of your exciting baby shower. i had a blast and learned alot.

Monday, March 28, 2011

end of march and this session was probably one of the coldest i have done.
poor family just moved here from Arizona in late Fall.
so....they were beyond freezing.
the kids were troopers though.

and pretty adorable i might add!

this little guy never wanted to get too far from mom!

thank you, kirkpatrick family, for allowing me to capture a few moments of your family.
i have officially thawed now!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

seriously...what an adorable couple!

thank you, erin and jordan, for allowing me to capture a few moments for you.
good luck with the wedding!