Friday, October 31, 2008

I am starting to laugh at myself because every time I do a session I think, "That was my favorite yet!" I have decided, I love them all and am having a BLAST! It amazes me how I can capture the personalities of each family in only a one hour session. Besides being a mom, I have the best job/hobby ever!!

This family was beyond photogenic. Taking pictures of them was easy. Their kids....ADORABLE! I am biased for blondies though!!!

I asked them to hold hands. I thought the picture of them holding hands would be cuter...but I quickly changed my mind. Is this not the cutest, TRUEST, picture ever. It so captures the personalities of siblings!

I could probably take pictures of her all day.

This session was done at the Old Penn off of Warm Springs. If this picture were of my little boy, I would want him locked up on the other side........ =)

Thank you Patterson Family for letting me capture a few photos of your adorable family!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seth and April are very close friends of mine, so when they asked me to take some pictures of them, I was so excited. I LOVE shooting couples.

Aren't they cute!

Call me weird, but I love her lips! Dude, next time try her lips!

Just a fun shot I seen and tried to copy. Notice how I said TRIED!

Okay, I have NEVER been a dog lover. I don't hate them, I just don't care for them. Unless they are small enough to fit in my pocket. The black dog looks VERY scary, but look at his puppy dog face...poor guy...give him a bone or frisbee or something. I had fun shooting the dogs. Never done it before and definitely adds to the portfolio!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I had never met the Atchley's before we did the session. I am always kind of nervous in situations like that. But, they have the cutest, most welcoming family ever. My nervousness instantly went away. They have the cutest, energetic kids ever. I thought my life was busy...but I only have 2 kids. What an amazing woman! I already admire her and I don't even know them that well!

I would put their names under their pictures, but I have forgotten who was who. You should have heard me during the session. I couldn't get the names straight for nothing.

Aren't they the cutest family ever. I am sorry about not posting a family one. There was plenty of cute ones, but they were too big of file...wouldn't load them on the blog! Sorry!

Thank you, Atchley family, for letting me capture some moments of your cute and energetic family!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, Kassie, I am actually really embarrassed to post these (operator error)...but I told you I would. I am glad we are getting together again.

I seen this from a friend and thought it was absolutely adorable!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I met Talisha through the last senior session I did. Can I just tell you...rather show photogenic she is. My camera loved her and her gorgeous green eyes!!

This picture is really cute; however, I have a hard time believing that she could ever pull a face like this. She is so innocent and nice.

I told you she had gorgeous eyes!

Talesha, I was able to retrieve these off the card! We had a minor equipment malfunction at the beginning of her session.

You are absolutely beautiful!

Thank you, Talesha, for letting me capture your beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes! Good luck with the remainder of your senior year. Go Cardinals!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The day we took these senior pictures was a photographer's dream day. It was overcast with an occasional drizzle of rain. The lighting was outstanding. I wish it were like that for every session I shoot. It was cold...really, really cold. But, as you will see, we captured some
AMAZING photos!

Isn't this picture CUTE! Well, I took it on accident. I was messing with some settings on my camera and accidentally took it. Whoops! If my "whoops'" turn out like this, maybe I should "whoops" more often!

We were walking down this alley and I spotted these stairs heading up an old building. LOVE it! So, I started to climb them. Well, it had been raining/snowing so the wood was wet. Remember this was an old building with old stairs. The wet wood was getting really soft. I broke a few stairs on the way up. YIKES! But, I was determined to get the picture I visioned in my head, so I kept treck'n. I get half way up to where I want to be and the hole stairway starts swaying. What to do...thinking...thinking...thinking...put my camera under my coat to help protect it in case I fall and then keep treck'n up the stairs! Jackie's mom helped hold the stairs for support. But, it was all worth it...terrifying...but worth it!!!!

Wow! I thought I had long eyelashes. Can I let you in on a little secret.....sshh...don't husband used to call me "daddy long legs" while we were dating. Cute huh!

Thank you, Jackie, for letting me capture a few moments for your senior portraits. Good luck with the remainder of your senior year!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom Luke contacted very excited to set up a session. She claimed I would have fun because they are two cute red heads that love to get their picture taken. Moms are usually biased at how cute their kids are, but really, truly, seriously...these two girls are no exaggeration of what mom said. They are absolutely adorable and they do love to get their picture taken. We got along GREAT!

After this session I have changed my mind...I wish I were a red head!!!

The girls really LOVE the river. We found this bridge, but couldn't find a way to get to the river. The girls were really cute because they wanted me to get pictures of them throwing rocks in the river. Bummer! Next time for sure!

"H" was tired of walking (remember we were trying to find a way down to the river), so her mom carried her. I was walking behind them and this is what I was looking at. I had to snap a picture. It totally emphasizes that you can have a conversation with only your eyes. Can't you tell how much she loves her mom!!!

The girls really wanted me to get pictures of them playing. Well, I learned that I am not that great at taking "motion" pictures. But, after this session, I am destined to master it!

This picture is my absolute favorite in all of my portfolio...LOVE it!

Thank you, Luke girls, for letting me capture a few candid moments of your sweetness! I think tomorrow I am going to die my hair red!!!!! jk