Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay, if I have ever said that I have done a session that was the easiest...I am lying...or rather that session has been "one-upped" (so not even a word). These boys were the easiest and fastest session I have ever done. Truly a photographers dream scenario. I was able to fill a camera card in less than 45 minutes...with GOOD pictures. After, I go home and sort through them and pick my favorites (24+)...but I had a really hard time because I liked them all! Plus, mom had great ideas and tips...which FYI...helps a ton! Anyways, this session was absolutely a blast and I am super excited to share this sneak peek with you.


He kept folding his arms like this. I thought it was adorable!


B is for....BLAKE!

A is for....AUSTIN!

Thank you for letting me capture a few moments of your coolest, extremely photogenic, and most well-behaved boys ever!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sharlee wanted their session done at the fair...the FAIR! This is not a normal venue for me, so I was extremely an excited way, of course. Plus, this was a Saturday evening...which means...people, people, and more people....which added to my nervousness. It was a tad on the warm side...and I had to park a mile away. We were supposed to meet at the front bad call...there was more than one entrance. Luckily we found each other pretty easy.

I usually get a tad bit nervous for my sessions...but this one was way beyond any other I have done. I was excited and had some GREAT ideas in my head of how I wanted these pictures to turn out. I was just nervous that they weren't going to be what they had in mind.

Turns out...we had so much FUN! There were a lot of stares, a lot of bumping into people, and a lot of walking, but through it all, we captured some great shots...and I would even do it again!

Thank you, Sharlee and Zack, for letting me capture a few moments for your engagement! Best wishes on planning the wedding.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Eric & Jessica Tied the Knot!...and my husband and I were invited....and then, my camera was invited. What an honor! We have known this couple for a few years now because my husband used to work with them. We have LOVED and appreciated their friendship.

I think I was looking forward to this day more than the bride...okay, maybe not...but pretty close! The weather was perfect...a cool 75 August...August people. Slight wind...which died down after much finger crossing! Perfect day as you will see. My cheeks hurt after this day from smiling and laughing. Take a look and see for yourself....

Warning: lots of pictures!

The Details:

Getting Ready:

First Glance:

I think he likes what he sees!

Bride looked absolutely breathtaking!

The Wedding Party:

Don't ask!
Groom with Best Man...told them to pose with their personalities. Without hesitating...they both reacted like this!

The Ceremony:

Just for Fun:

Audience told him he couldn't use his hands!

And to finish off the night...a beautiful sunset!

Thank you, Jessica & Eric, for allowing me to capture your special day!