Monday, June 22, 2009


Rumsey Family Pictures

I was really nervous to shoot this session because we were doing it at their home and I had never been there...which is like walking into the dark...not sure what you're going to run into. Well, I pulled up, gorgeous house, beautiful yard, fences, horses, hay, straw, etc., etc., etc....basically, FUN!

Well, to start things off...the twinners...HATED me! They were extremely uncomfortable with me being around. Little guy eventually warmed up, but little girl wouldn't let go of her grudge!

We still had a great time!

Could you not just nibble on her scrumptious cheeks!?

Check out that {CA-UTE} Wrangler bum!

Older sis with the horse. What you don't lying in the grass hanging on to the reigns!

I absolutely {heart} this picture.
If you don''s because you had to be present to appreciate it!

Aahhh...that's better!

Little girl disliked me so much that I had to stay in the background and just follow them around. We ended in the backyard by their toys. The sun was going down and the twinners found water on the table.......

Thank you, Rumsey family, for letting me visit your home and capture a few moments of your family.